June 27th day 18…501 miles to go

Woke up at one this morning to a calm peaceful night. Threw on my kit, put in some music and started to pedal. I was singing my heart out, having a blast down the dark road. I was crushing it, and having a great time. A few cars past, maybe 4 an hour. It was quiet. At one point I looked back into some headlights that weren’t moving over. I didn’t hear the usual sound that comes from hitting the center rumble strip as the car makes room for me. I kept looking back, nothing. There was almost no shoulder and what was there had a rumble strip and then tapered off into the sand. I waited to long and the car gave me no room, I had to at the last minute slide over, hit the rumble strip then the tapered edge and into the sand where my front wheel washes out and tumbling off the bike i went. My hands were scraped up and bloody, nothing major. I snagged my flask poured some liquor into the wounds. It stung pretty badly. Covered them up with a few band aids and off I went back into the night. I later stopped at the fire station in flagstaff where they bandages me up a bit better. Made it to flagstaff around 1 and was pleasantly surprised by seeing my childhood best friend mike on the side of the road waiting for me. I hadn’t seen him since we were probably 16 so it was super rad to reunite. Grabbed some beers food and I continued on. I was also met on the side of the rod by a good time family friend Lois which was awesome. Cruised down oak creek canyon and into Sedona. Now I’m camping between Sedona and cottonwood. I also had breakfast with a very nice Navajo man, a retired coal miner, who was tremendously interested by my adventure. He said one day he hoped he would have the opportunity to ride from tuba city to somewhere in Utah to visit family. Great day today 190 miles closer.






<img src="https://josephholway.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/20140627-210205-

75725565.jpg” alt=”20140627-210205-75725565.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />




3 thoughts on “June 27th day 18…501 miles to go

  1. 6/27 – I’ve wondered about your relationship with cars on the same road. I guess this incident was inevitable on a such a long ride. You obviously were tuned in to the possibility also. What ever was the driver doing to not pull over and then was he/she aware after and why did he/she not stop??? A parent’s worse nightmare!! along with a cousin or two. Bob

  2. I can’t believe that Mike North tracked you down! What a good “old” friend. The strangest thing was that after not seeing his parents in so many years, I was visiting with them at the same time you were with Mike.

    • Haha pretty funny. I called my mom to tell her about us meeting up and she said that you had just left!

      Proud of Joe and what he’s doing!

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