June 28th day 19.. Into the desert we go

You’ve got good days and you’ve got great days and then hopefully as rarely as possible there’s a bad day. The last two days have been great days. Woke up early and crushed a 4000 foot climb, then descended into Prescott where I stopped into high gear bike shop to visit some friends. Then met some more friends Jake, Brett and Mac at the apple pan for some morning calories. I was surprised by Jack and Kathy August in Apple pan, two very kind people who let me stay with them in Prescott just before starting this ride. Then we wandered to the liquor deli for some morning brews, I’d been up since 5 so it was kinda the afternoon. Afterwards we descended into skull valley and then again stopped into another bar. It was a strange experience to say the least but by the end I think we were all friends. We will see since I plan to go back someday. Then we hopped back on the bikes and rode off into the sunset down the Yarnell hill to yet again another bar in Wickenburg. There we were met with kind service and great people. No one made fun of me for wearing spandex, ordering a blue moon and a grilled cheese. Most places would kick me out after three strikes but they didn’t. Anyways, it was a rad day with a bunch of rad people. Thanks everyone at high gear, thanks Mac for helping me with the photos, and thanks Jake and Brett for the company on today’s ride. Goodnight all





















2 thoughts on “June 28th day 19.. Into the desert we go

  1. Thanks again for the blog and especially the photographs. They say something about what’s interesting to you as you travel. Fun! Bob

  2. Good Day, Joseph. You are almost there. I just can’t even begin to understand your stamina. Stay safe. Ana-Marie & Don. The pic are great.

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