June 29th day 20… 110 isn’t that hot I guess

Got a late start, it’s tough having rad friends that come out to meet you. Rode through the heat nonetheless just taking a few more breaks than usual to cool off. About every 30 miles I had to stop and rest in the shade for a few minutes. Rode into the night for a few hours again stopping a few minutes after midnight. I’ll have a big day hopefully tomorrow so Tuesday will be a nice relaxed stroll into Los Angeles. As I lay down beside the road I’m able to look up and see the Milky Way along with thousands of other stars out there. I’ve been day dreaming a lot about the beach and cooler weather to get me through this hot desolate section. It’s 110 miles between Parker and twenty nine palms with nothing but tooling desert hills. I’m somewhere between the two at the moment. It’s been another good day of riding. I think at this point I’m so stoked on arriving at golden saddle cyclery that everything seems to be going well.









2 thoughts on “June 29th day 20… 110 isn’t that hot I guess

  1. Nice to see the waxing crescent moon. We’re too cloudy here to see it. The end is near, no more car scares, but then Los Angeles traffic? This has been a meaningful trip for all us blog readers!! Thanks! Bob

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