June 30th day 21 the last night

I’m sure I will miss the open road but for the time being I’m overly excited to reach golden saddle cyclery tomorrow. It will be weird to be done after doing almost nothing except riding a bicycle for three weeks. Today was the hottest day I’ve ever ridden through by a long shot. It was dangerously hot. If a few things went wrong no question about it I could have easily died out there in the desert today. Even though all went well today I experienced some dizziness and maybe a few slight hallucinations. I was scared a few times but ultimately made it through. I took a break late this afternoon and tried to ride again at night. It didn’t work. My legs were done. There was nothing left, the heat took all the energy I had left. I’ll get up early tomorrow and ride the remaining 138 miles.











6 thoughts on “June 30th day 21 the last night

  1. Three or more cheers, Joseph!! This is one experience that will be recalled many, many time in your life and a great one to pass on to children & grandchildren. Hard to imagine, huh. Thanks for the ride! Bob

  2. Man, this is awesome! The tour hangover is going to be pretty bad when you get done. It has been really rad to get to ‘follow’ you across the US! Enjoy LA, and GSC. Great work Joseph!!

  3. Joseph,

    You are amazing. The fella you met was not a hallucination. Your Mom told me how she found him and sent him toward your path. What a ride. With Love to you.

  4. What a ride! You are the best! Keep it going for a few more miles. Can’t wait for the PARTY!!! You are the best son. Yer mom is so proud of you! Wow! and I absolutely love your photos. You have a most unique viewpoint. Keep the photos up as well as the biking!

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